How To Prep Your Garden For Winter

How To Prep Your Garden For Winter

When the colder months begin to take over we allow our gardens to fall into disrepair and leave them to ready¬†themselves for hibernation. However with just a little care and attention you’ll be able to give your yard the best chance it can have for a successful growing season come the Spring.

Super charging your garden doesn’t need to be a difficult task, you’ll find plenty of great ideas included in this post but there are a few extra things you can do to guarantee a success such as:

  • Feed Your Lawn – fertilizing it now will make it fuller and more lush in the warmer months. It will also allow it to recover quicker after the last frost has gone!
  • Prepare Flower Beds – Make sure you clean out any perennials or weeds from your flower beds, this will prevent any rot in the soil when the rain comes.
  • Clean Your Pond – Make sure it is ship shape and clear out any fish waste, unwanted leaves or algae that may effect the delicate ecosystem.
  • Repair Damage – Simply reseed any grass or turf that has been damaged in the summer!

To find out what else you can do to prepare your garden for winter visit theprairiehomestead here.

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