How To Make Your Own Paper Pulp Fire Bricks

Make Your Own Paper Pulp Fire Bricks

This project is the ultimate recycling build which will provide you with a fantastic, frugal and green source of fuel for your fire!

Every day 19.7 million barrels of oil are used daily in the U.S. alone and academics predict there’s only 40-50 years before we run out of coal. Renewable resources are being used up at an excessive rate and this simple DIY can be made with items you have lying about the home for free.

You’ll need:

  • 2 5 Gallon Buckets
  • A Drill &┬áDrill Bits
  • ┬áPiece Of Wood To Stir
  • Old Newspapers, Magazines, Leaflets etc!

With an impressive burn time as well as producing a great amount of heat this DIY is not just ingenious and responsible but a necessity for anyone trying to lower bills and become more self sufficient!

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Make Your Own Paper Pulp Fire Bricks