Get Your Free Everstryke Match

 Get Your Free Everstryke Match

What is an ‘Everstryke Match‘, you may ask? Basically it’s an everlasting match that works no matter what happens to it!

This potentially life saving device is perfect for throwing in your bug out bag or survival kit as well as having about the home to help start the stove or your fire! It has a number of other great benefits too:

  • Will start a fire in any environment – rain, sleet or even snow
  • A fire starting kit all in one, it contains the fuel, wick and ferrocerium rod!
  • It’s capable of 15,000 long burning strikes!
  • Fits conveniently in your pocket.

If that’s not enough – It’s free! This handy tool is a must have for everyone and at this price you just can’t say no!

Click Here To Get Your FREE Everstryke Match