How to Get More Eggs from Your Hens


If you are raising chickens for the purpose of laying eggs, then obviously you want to get the most eggs out of your chickens. At the most, a hen will lay one egg everyday but depending on several different factors (age, genetics, nutrition, stress, and daylight hours) that can easily change. It is important to maintain these factors as best you can to get the most eggs from your hens.

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How to Get More Eggs from Your Hens

12 Ways to Reduce Your Chicken Feed Bill


The cost for feeding and maintaining chickens continues to rise, and if you are in a colder climate you understand this better than most. Having to feed chickens in the winter time can be expensive compared to what you might be used to and with winter just around the corner any way to cut that cost can be helpful.

This detailed list from The Self Sufficient Home Acre has twelve ways that you might be able to reduce that expense as the weather starts to cool off! Try that ones that you think will work best for you.

12 Ways to Reduce Your Chicken Feed Bill

How To Raise Mealworms For Chicken Feed – The Best Treat You Can Give Your Chickens


If you have chickens, one of the best treats that you can give them are mealworms. Chickens love them! They are also really easy to raise, inexpensive, and virtually maintenance-free!

The tips and directions outlined in this post are wonderfully detailed and will tell you everything you need to know about raising and maintaining mealworms to feed your chickens. The set up is simple and easy and you’re chickens will think they are the greatest treat in the world.

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How To Raise Mealworms

21 Tips For Quitting Your Job, Going Off Grid and Living The Dream


Everyone dreams of living a stress-free life at some point in their life, but what keeps you from realizing this dream? Maybe you just need a little push to make this dream a reality, and perhaps this list is just the incentive that you need.

Maybe you want to be your own boss and make your own rules? Maybe you just want to get in touch with nature and keep your carbon footprint to a minimum? Whatever your reasons may be, check out these reasons over at Natural Living Ideas!

21 Tips For Quitting Your Job, Going Off Grid and Living The Dream

Tips for Keeping Your Chickens Warm and Alive in the Winter

Tips for Keeping Your Chickens Warm and Alive in the Winter

Chickens really don’t like the cold, and that’s pretty understandable. We don’t either. Keeping them warm, safe, and alive during the long winter can be challenging for new homesteaders.

Learn the best ways to keep your precious chickens warm and alive at American Preppers Networkby clicking the link below…

Tips for Keeping Your Chickens Warm & Alive in the Winter

Yum! Grow Mushrooms In Coffee Grounds!


Love mushrooms? You can grow your own organic mushrooms using a material you’re really likely to have a lot of: coffee grounds! Mushrooms love the nutrient rich byproduct of your morning cup of joe.

To find out how to start growing your own mushrooms, visit A Piece Of Rainbow!

Yum! Grow Mushrooms In Coffee Grounds!

20 Exquisitely Charming Rustic Cabins You Need To See


There’s nothing that says self-sufficient like a rustic wooden cabin built with your own two hands. These cabins are off the grid, cozy, and all you need for a solitary escape in the woods.

Check out all the amazing ways to design a rustic cabin at  Off Grid World.

20 Exquisitely Charming Rustic Cabins

Log Home Plans: 11 Totally Free DIY Log Cabin Floor Plans


Embracing sustainable living on your own homestead? Log cabins are a great way to build your own sustainable home, and with a little knowledge, the right tools, and some manpower, you can build your own for a fraction of the cost.

To get some tips, tricks, and free DIY log cabin plans, check out Knowledge Weighs Nothing.

Log Home Plans: 11 Totally Free DIY Log Cabin Plans

How To Make Pumpkin Pie “Moonshine”


This recipe for Pumpkin Pie “Moonshine” is quite ingenious and sounds like a delicious dessert drink for enjoy after a hearty meal. The ingredients are simple and you know everything that is going in to your drink.

As a bonus you also get a recipe for Pumpkin Pie Vodka, which believe it or not, uses a whole pumpkin pie! You don’t have to worry about getting all the components together, just buy a pie and some vodka!

See the recipes over at Clawhammer Supply!

Pumpkin Pie “Moonshine”

How To Make Banana Peel Fertilizer


Does your family eat a lot of bananas? Those peels can be used in so many fantastic ways – one of which involves turning into fantastic fertilizer to feed your homegrown plants!

To learn how to create fertilizer out of your discarded banana peels, visit Stone Family Farmstead below!

Banana Peel Fertilizer